Mannheim Rocket at the Workhouse Arts Center

Excerpt from the Mannheim Rocket Mozart Clarinet Quintet period instrument performance at The Workhouse Arts Center on September 24, 2017. Not the best quality video (from someone's phone), but not horrible considering.  June Huang--violin, Risa Browder--violin Leslie Nero--Viola, John Moran--cello, Richard Spece--clarinet

Mannheim Rocket in Richmond, VA

Live performance of the Mozart Clarinet Quintet and Mendelssohn Octet on period instruments by members of the Mannheim Rocket Orchestra 

Mozart Clarinet: 

Richard Spece Violin:  

June Huang Violin:  

Risa Browder Viola:  

Leslie Nero Cello:  

John Moran  

Mendelssohn Violin: 

June Huang  Violin: Risa Browder  Violin: Annie Loud  Violin: Leslie Silverfine Viola: Leslie Nero Viola: Marta Howard  Cello: John Moran Cello: Rebecca Humphrey  

August 3, 2016 in Richmond Virginia

WCVE Radio Interview

Richard Spece, Music Director of Richmond’s brand new period-instrument ensemble Mannheim Rocket stopped by our studios to discuss the organization’s inaugural concert to be held this Friday, March 13th at Monumental Church on East Broad Street. Spece founded the ensemble in 2013, envisioning an ensemble of the highest caliber able to present the music of the past in an informed way with brilliance and passion.The name comes from one of the musical innovations of the Mannheim school, where composers introduced a number of novel ideas into the orchestral music of their day. One of these was the Mannheim Rocket, a swiftly ascending passage typically having a rising arpeggiated melodic line together with a crescendo starting at the bottom of the orchestra rising swiftly to the top of the orchestra.Enjoy my interview with Rich! 

Yours in good music,
Mike Goldberg
Classical Music Host, 88.9 WCVE

Mannheim Rocket on CBS

CBS WTVR, MARCH 10, 2015,  VIRGINIA THIS MORNING----Members from the Mannheim Rocket Orchestra gave us a special sneak peek performance before their official debut at Monumental Church where the audience will enjoy 200-year-old music played on 200-year-old, in the 200-year-old church. 

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