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The Mannheim Rocket Orchestra is the premier period-instrument ensemble of Northern Virginia.  Named for one of the musical innovations of the Mannheim school where composers introduced a number of novel ideas into the orchestral music of their day, one of which was the Mannheim Rocket, a swiftly ascending passage typically having a rising arpeggiated melodic line together with a crescendo starting at the bottom of the orchestra rising swiftly to the top of the orchestra. Mannheim Rocket was founded in 2013 by the award- winning conductor and clarinetist, Richard Spece.  Spece envisioned an ensemble of the highest caliber able to present the musics of the past in an informed way with brilliance and passion.  Mannheim Rocket consists of world class musicians dedicated to the perfection of their art.

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Mannheim Rocket Orchestra

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The Mannheim Rocket Orchestra

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