The mission of the Mannheim Rocket Orchestra is to enrich lives and inspire passion through the medium of period-instrument performance. Historically-Informed Performance and the resulting musical vitality brings history to life, preserves tradition, celebrates creative genius, and allows audiences to touch what once was. Using authentic instruments and stylistic performance practices of the classical to early-romantic periods, the Mannheim Rocket Orchestra seeks to engage audiences through world-class performances, tours, education, and community outreach.

Artistic Statement

Mannheim Rocket’s pursuit of the highest quality music making and it’s mission is based upon these artistic principles:

1. Great music is timeless, impacting the listener’s quality of life on an emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual level, all within a communal context.

2. Period-instrument performance, executed at the highest level, brings to the listener a unique soundscape and listening experience. Historically-informed performance includes performing music with a passion, eloquence, precision, and vitality.

3. Great musics from the past performed with authentic instruments preserves a rich and colorful tradition of music making. This allows contemporary audiences to experience history in a way that is intimate and readily available in their community. Additionally, this experience enhances the appreciation of history and lends valuable perspective to the preservation and understanding of the orchestral tradition.

Mannheim Rocket Orchestra 2016-17